Basics Of Web Design

I get a lot of question about starting websites. I constantly have people coming to me with ideas they have for their blog or small business and they want to know how they should go about building a website. Should they do it themselves or should they have someone build it? Should they go with a WordPress website or a pre-made package? What hosting provider should they use? Honestly there isn’t really right or wrong answer to any of these question. It all depends on what you plans and goals for your website are. Which brings me to the first and most important part about web design

1. Have Some Plans And Goals For Your Web Design

See there, it turns out going to GoDaddy and registering a name isn’t the most important part of starting a website (please don’t use GoDaddy [more on that later]). The most important thing you can do when starting a website is to sit down and figure out exactly what you are hoping to get out the website you are starting. If all you are wanting to do is blog to your friends about your gluten free diet and eccentric views on child vaccination, then you probably don’t need much more than a tumblr account. If you are wanting to sell gluten free recipes on your blog they you will need to integrate with e-commerce capabilities. What if your views on child vaccination enlighten the masses and all of a sudden you have thousands of people each day coming to your site to bask in your wisdom? Well now it’s time for some ad revenue or possibly even some affiliate marketing! Heck you may even be able to sell an ebook, people love ebooks!

How Vaccinations Caused My Gluten Allergy

Why Not Use A Pre-Made Website?

As technology has advanced it’s become easier and easier for people to build and maintain their own websites. With most of the common domain registrars, you have enough tools get a basic (very  basic) website frame up in a matter of minutes. In fact if the appearance of your web design was the most important factor then these one stop shop tools would work fine. The problem that most people run into is that they don’t know what to do after the website is up. This is usually where I get calls and questions about how to run a website and before we can figure that out we have to answer one question… what is the plan for this website?

The reason this is so important is that different plans and goals will dictate different website structures. It’s easier and cheaper to implement a good starting plan than it is to go back and rework a bad one.

How To Get Started

Here are some question that you can ask yourself when starting with web design. This should help to get you pointed in the right direction.

1. How am I  wanting to generate traffic to my site?

2. Am I attracting customers or viewers?

3. Do I want to generate revenue with this website? If so how?

4. Will this website be represent an existing business?

5. What parts of my product or business do I want to feature?

6. Do I want to generate organic traffic or pay for ad campaigns?

7. Am I going to be constantly updating and adding content to my site?

8. How many hours a week can I dedicate to maintaining my site?

9. Am I going to be (or will I ever be) selling items through my site?

10. Do I want readers and visitors to be able to interact with my site?

11. Do I want members to my site?

The answers to these question will dictate the kind of site you will build. Making sure that you have the right plan it place now will help to make sure that you don’t have to redo stuff in the future.

If you would like to talk to us about building a website or if you just have some questions, leave us a comment below or contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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